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Rifle Suppressors
Aris (.223)
Aris (.223) $597.00

17 HMR to 22-250 caliber, for rifles and pistols.

The most popular HTG suppressor for military applications (including full-auto) and varmint hunters, the Aris provides the maximum noise reduction in a 6” can. This silencer produces excellent noise, flash, and recoil suppression. Like all of the HTG silencers, it is designed for heavy use, and has a removable end cap for easy disassembly and cleaning.

Product Description
Design Cartridge   5.56/.223
Length   6.1"
Length Added   5.5"
Diameter   1.5"
Weight   21 oz
Materials   Inconel & SS
NSR   34 dB
MSRP   $597
  • Rated high as a varmint success for both bolt and AR platforms
  • Full auto rated
  • Takedown design for ease of cleaning. Tool included
  • Accurate and excellent recoil reduction with flash elimination
  • Choise of Finishes (colored finishes are high temperature Cerakote)
    • Graphite Black
    • Graphite Black Two-Tone
    • Coyote Tan
    • Desert Sand
    • Sniper Grey
    • OD Green
    • Brushed SS
    • Bead Blasted SS
  • Multiple thread types available (1/2-28 standard)
    • 1/2-28
    • 9/16-24
    • 5/8-24
    • 5/8-18
    • M15-1


Cerakote Finishes
Graphite Black Sniper Grey OD Green Flat Dark Earth Coyote Tan  
Graphite Black Sniper Grey OD Green Flat Dark Earth Coyote Tan Desert Sand